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 Our vision is a world where people with disability live

full independent lives of their own choosing. 


Resources for Emergencies

Disaster Recovery

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 What to do in a flood

You need to have a plan in place of where you will go, who you will contact and where you can get help.


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Complaints department.


Insurance and Flood Damage

What to do before you begin the task of cleaning up. Our Top Tips.



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Packing for an emergency

If you may be without power and clean drinking water, a little planning now will spare you precious time. 


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COVID news

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lush green rainforest, white sandy beach and emerald blue waves.


 Live in QLD?

Latest COVID-19 rules

for people in Queensland. 


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Sydney harbour bridge.


 Live in NSW?

Latest rules and restrictions

for everyone in NSW. 


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Latest COVID updates for VIC.


 Live in VIC?

Latest COVID-19 restrictions

for people in Victoria.


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