Any customer using our service has the right to inform an IDEAS staff member that they have a complaint

The receiving, recording and responding to a customer complaint

  • The staff member who receives the customer complaint call will provide the customer with support to resolve their complaint. The complaints procedure is included in the Customer Information Handbook and can be provided to the customer.
  • The staff member receiving the complaint is responsible for documenting the details of the complaint in IDEASHub Feedback/Complaints register. All correspondence with the customer is to be documented in full detail.
  • If the staff member is unable to resolve the complaint immediately, the staff member will advise the caller that their complaint can be escalated to the team leader or Executive Officer. The caller is offered two choices,
    1. to wait on-hold while their call is transferred, or
    2. the staff member can take their name and contact number and the team leader or Executive Officer will return their call within 48hours.
  • The staff member is to brief the team leader or Executive Officer regarding the nature of the complaint prior to the transfer of the call and the steps currently taken to resolve the matter. The team leader or Executive Officer will attempt to resolve the complaint within 14 days from receipt of the complaint.
  • The Executive Officer will inform a Board member or Chairperson of customer complaint with relevant details as reasonably necessary, or if the customer complaint is required to be escalated to the Board for further resolution.
  • The Executive Officer will inform the customer if they are unhappy with current suggestions of resolution they have further options they may choose from
    1. customer can speak to a member of the Board of Directors (the telephone numbers will be provided on request) or
    2. they may write to the Chairperson of the Board of their complaint (details of the address will be provided).
  • The Chairperson will attempt to resolve the concern within 30 days of receipt of the complaint. If the complaint is unable to be resolved, the Chairperson will take the complaint to the next IDEAS Board meeting.
  • The Board of Directors will review the complaint and provide some type of redress where it is decided as necessary and appropriate.
  • If the complaint is unable to be resolved, the customer may wish to speak to the NSW Ombudsman Community Service Division. Details to be provided upon request.